Unveiling the World of Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri is one of Officina’s antique preparations: an icon itself, it contributed to build Officina’s fame over the centuries and across all Europe. Today, this olfactory world is expanding into a new range of exclusive products. Pot Pourri is a crafted collection of Tuscan Hill’s very finest buds, blossoms, roots and leaves.

Our historical Cologne has now lend its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

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Pot Pourri Fluid Body Cream

Treat your body with the energy of a unique environment: formulated with vegetable oils and butters, Pot Pourri Fluid Body Cream is enriched with bay leaf extract. You can take a breath of the Tuscan maquis, and have your skin pleasantly soft and nourished.

Insider tip: massage with long movements from bottom to top of the body.


A revitalizing jump into the enthralling Tuscan nature.

Pot Pourri is waiting for your hands with the perfect delicacy ingredients.

Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

One of the antique preparations that made Officina famous, Pot Pourri is still today a major example of our craftsmanship. Its traditional Cologne embraces all aromas that spontaneously grow on Tuscan’s maquis.

The top laurel notes meet an aromatic blend of lavender, thyme, rosemary and cloves to convey a feeling of natural well-being. In the base cedarwood, patchouli, and balsam from Peru give character to this peculiar mélange.


Pot Pourri Scented Wax Tablets

The magical world of Pot Pourri guides us in the rediscovery of timeless gestures. Pot Pourri wax tablets contain myrtle leaves
and berries, sunflower and cornflower petals. They enrich the Pot Pourri experience with an additional visual and tactile element, to perfume drawers and cabinets with an exquisite item of charm.

Santa Maria Novella

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